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Resident Testimonials


“I love living at the phoenix.  My life has changed since moving into the building.  they helped me get into school."  
C.y., male the phoenix resident






"Affordable housing is more important than anything else. There should be more places like The Phoenix. I feel safe now.”  J.M., Male, The Phoenix Resident





J.M. moved into The Phoenix in August 2008. Prior to moving onto the campus, he was on the verge of homelessness, having lost his successful small business and filing for bankruptcy due to the medical expenses incurred for his HIV/AIDS treatments. He is 61 years-old and he stresses the importance of having patience against odds and advocates comfortable, clean, permanent housing for ill and disabled citizens.


“You know how blessed we are? It’s a beautiful place. This isn’t a project. This is our home.”  Y.M. Female, Sawyer Gardens Resident


Y.M. was one of the first residents to move into Sawyer Gardens after its opening in 2004. She is a single mother living in a three-bedroom apartment with one teen daughter and four teenage boys. She is an active member of the local community and dispenses advice to other single mothers in the area, who struggle with raising their children by themselves. She derives tremendous strength from her community and has learned to stand up to people who continue to stigmatize people living with HIV/AIDS.


“Living here has made me more grateful and caring. It has made me appreciate being alive, being healthy, and able to take care of myself.”  L.S., Female, Garden View Resident


L.S. has been a resident of Garden View and recipient of AIDSCare’s Progressive Services since 2001. She relocated from the organization’s north side house to the North Lawndale Campus in 2005. She currently lives in a one-bedroom apartment. She takes great pride in the progress that Garden View and AIDSCare Progressive Services has enabled her to make in her battles against HIV/AIDS. “Baby steps,” she says.  Garden View has given L.S. the feeling of belonging to a community and the opportunity to be there for her family. The campus is a safe and welcoming place for her children and grandchildren.